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Video Submission

In order to ensure a high level of innovation, your contribution is necessary. On CRPUB, you can publish your new procedures or applications, explain the improvements you have made or ask any questions you may have. We believe that the successful performance of these techniques lies in the details; we therefore ask you to bear this in mind if, as we hope, you wish to send in a video of your new and original procedure.

Publishing an original video on CRPUB means making a contribution to medical or surgical innovation. You can submit an HD (1.920/1,080) video according to CRPUB guidelines. Original videos have to be sent in through to and must be accompanied by a written comment, separate from the video. The written text must indicate the title, the author(s) and the section of video publication: i.e. Elastic Plastic Surgery – Adipofilling – Phlebotherapy –Timedsurgery - Other Techniques. If necessary, CRPUB can send an operator to record your video; the cost of filming will be borne by the author.


Technical Guidelines

  • Length: there are no strict limits, but we recommend that videos should not exceed 60 minutes. * Video material: material can be sent by means of directly to the editorial staff, who will then contact the author.
  • Videos should show: the procedure carried out and, if available, photographic documentation of the pre- and post-treatment situation and the long-term result. The editors and the author will agree upon the most appropriate montage
  • Authors should: send in their names, suggest a title for the video and state the objectives they propose to achieve.
  • The editors: will decide on the final title, arrange the musical accompaniment, and have the commentary translated and recorded in the language requested.
  • Videos: should be in full HD 1080P
  • The format: should be 1920 × 1080