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16. Elastic Neck Lift minimal scar

Capurro S.(2012) : 16. 3D - Elastic Neck Lift minimal scar. CRPUB Medical Video Journal. Elastic Plastic Surgery section.


Elastic lifting of the neck enables the cervicomandibular angle to be delineated. Access is through an 8 mm incision behind the lobe of one ear, or both ears if two threads are to be implanted or elastic lifting of marionette wrinkles is also to be performed. Dissection, which is of a few cm², must be carried out in depth, immediately above the fascia of Loré.
After elastic neck lifting, it is advisable for the patient to wear a slightly elasticated bandage for a few weeks.
Elastic neck lifting solves esthetic problems that are difficult to solve by means of other surgical techniques. The first pathway of the elastic thread runs along the line of the cervicomandibular angle; the second pathway may be a centimeter below this, in order to distend the skin of the lower anterior portion of the neck, or a centimeter above it, in order to support the tissues under the chin. Elastic lifting of the neck through an incision behind an earlobe is always performed immediately after liposuction of the neck. (31/10/19)