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15. Elastic double round block

Capurro S.(2012) : 15. Elastic double round block. CRPUB Medical Video Journal. Elastic Plastic Surgery section.


Double elastic round block is a procedure that eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional round block. Indeed, while the traditional round block procedure flattens the breast, elastic round block by means of an external circular thread transforms a rounded breast into a conical breast, making it look more natural. Moreover, in the traditional round block, the areola tends to broaden and, if a periareolar thread is implanted, it is palpable. In elastic round block, by contrast, the areola is narrowed and the elastic thread, which has the same density as the subcutaneous tissues, is impalpable.
Today, in most cases, conization of the areolar apex and of the breast can be carried out without removing any skin. If there is excess skin, the area can be filled by means of volumetric Adipofilling. After implantation of the two circular threads, the breast can be raised and anchored to the subcutaneous tissue of the chest by means of the elastic thread. No skin is removed and no visible scars remain. (31/10/19)