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13. Elastic Face Lift without blunt dissection

Capurro S.(2012) : 13. 3D Elastic Face Lift without blunt dissection. CRPUB Medical Video Journal. Elastic Plastic Surgery section.


Elastic lifting of the cheeks is performed when the skin at the sideburns cannot be pinched between two fingers. The procedure lifts the cheeks and gives the face a more triangular appearance. Today, the cheeks can be lifted by implanting two elastic threads through a single small skin incision. Through another small incision in the lower portion of the sideburn, the malar region can be placed under traction. Moreover, elastic canthopexy to elongate the eyes can be performed through an incision at the hairline. Elastic canthopexy rejuvenates the patient's look without intervening directly on the canthus. Elastic lifting of the cheeks can be combined with elastic lifting to treat marionette wrinkles and with neck lifting. (31/10/19)