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TRAP is a new functional and aesthetic treatment for varicose disease that revolutionizes current phlebological therapies. This new rational treatment yields long-lasting functional and aesthetic results and is able to resolve any case of varicose veins and/or telangiectasias of the lower limbs. The procedure uses a solution of sodium salicylate in a buffered hydroglycerin vehicle, which is extremely efficacious, exerts a consistent action and causes no side-effects.



09. Tumescence TRAP to compress the veins

Tumescence TRAP is one of the complementary procedures of Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy (TRAP).
As is known, TRAP has revolutionized phlebological treatment by replacing irrational techniques, such as sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, saphenectomy, so-called functional ligature, burning by means of laser and HF currents, and the recent absurd procedures of gluing the veins.
TRAP is a biological technique that treats the venous walls, making the veins continent once again. Its action is three-dimensional, extending to the perforating, communicating and superficial circulation. TRAP treats the hemodynamic hypertension of the venous circulation in the lower limbs.


09. Tumescenza TRAP per comprimere le vene

La tumescenza TRAP è una delle procedure complementari della Fleboterapia rigenerativa tridimensionale ambulatoriale (TRAP).
La TRAP, come è noto, rivoluziona i trattamenti flebologici irrazionali: scleroterapia, flebectomie, safenectomie, le cosiddette legature funzionali, le bruciature laser e con correnti HF e i recenti assurdi incollaggi delle vene.
La TRAP è una metodica biologica non meccanicistica che cura le pareti venose rendendo le vene nuovamente continenti. La sua azione è tridimensionale ed estesa al circolo perforante, comunicante e superficiale. La TRAP cura l’ipertensione emodinamica del circolo venoso degli arti inferiori.


08. Troncular Veins, Reticular Veins and Telangiectasia: Phlebotherapy (TRAP) an original approach

TRAP is a non-mechanistic treatment for varicose "disease"; it is easy to perform and consistently efficacious.
TRAP can be used to treat all patients: from those whose veins are not visible to the naked eye, but only by means of transillumination, to those with bulging varices, even if they have previously undergone several surgical procedures.


08. Fleboterapia (TRAP): un approccio razionale al trattamento delle vene tronculari, reticolari e delle teleangectasie

La TRAP è un trattamento non meccanicistico della «malattia» varicosa, semplice da eseguire e di efficacia costante.
La TRAP è in grado di trattare indifferentemente le pazienti con vene non visibili ad occhio nudo, ma solo con la transilluminazione, e i pazienti con varici globose anche operati più volte.


 07. Introduction to the Phlebotherapy TRAP

Current treatments for varicose disease, the most common disease on earth, are not rational.  Varicose veins, venules and telangiectasias must not be excised, obliterated, ligated or burnt; they simply have to be treated.  Sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, saphenectomy, laser therapy, treatment with high-frequency current and functional ligature all damage the integrity of the venous circulation.  Moreover, they fail to achieve the patient's objectives: functional restoration of the circulation and the permanent disappearance of visible vessels. These traditional therapies –  sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, saphenectomy and laser therapy – act on the effect of the disease, not on its cause.


07. Введение в курс Тридименсиональной Регенеративной Амбулотариальной Флеботерапии TRAP

Современные методы лечения варикозной болезни, самой распространенной на планете, не рациональны. Варикозны вены, венули и телеангиоектазии, не должны удаляться, не должны склерозироваться, не должны легироваться, не должны коагулироваться- их нужно просто лечить. Склеротерапия, флебэктомии, сафеноэктомия, лазер, ток высокой частоты и функциональные легатуры являются повреждающим фактором венозной циркуляции и не исполняют желания пациентов: функционального восстановления венозной циркуляции и изчезновения видимых сосудов навсегда.


06. Fleboterapia (TRAP): tratamiento biológico dell'infermidad varicosa - Introduccion al 1 Video Curso

 Los actuales tratamientos de la enfermedad varicosa, la más frecuente del planeta, son irracionales. Las venas varicosas, las vénulas y telangiectasias, no deben ser eliminadas, no deben ser destruídas, no deben ser ligadas, no deben ser quemadas deben ser simplemente curadas. La escleroterapía, la flebotomía, la safenotomía, el láser, la corriente a alta frecuencia y las ligaduras funcionales son dañinas a la integridad del entero círculo venoso y no obtienen el objetivo deseado de los pacientes: la restauración funcional del círculo y la completa desaparición permanente de los vasos visibles. Las metodologías tradicionales, repito: escleroterapía, flebotomía, saf, y láser, intervienen sobre el efecto de la patología y no sobre la causa.



05. Phlébothérapie: un outre façon de traiter les varices ( 1 VidéoCours de Phlébothérapie Régénératrice Tridimesionelle Ambulatoire(TRAP) )

Salutations à tous les confrères. La Phlébotherapie que je présente aujourd’hui révolutionne le traitement de la maladie variqueuse et consent à résoudre les pathologies veineuses de n’importe quelle gravité en faisant guérir les ulcères avec peu de traitements. Pour expliquer ce que c’est la Phlébotherapie, je vous ai emmené l’introduction du cours vidéo que je suis en train de préparer, même en Français, et qui sera publié l’année prochaine. Je vous remercie encore pour l’invitation.


04. From Sclerotherapy and Ablation Surgery to Phlebotherapy (TRAP): key concepts

Varicose veins that are visible to the naked eye, on transillumination or by means of near-infrared reflection and absorption techniques, constitute only the effect of varicose disease. To cure varicose disease, we have to treat the cause; this can only be done by regenerating the vessel walls. Regeneration means restoration of the altered vascular structure and function.
Current sclerotherapy treatments, phlebectomy and functional ligature are irrational because they are two-dimensional techniques which act on the effect of the disease, not on its cause. Such treatments, which are not free from side-effects, destroy the normal anatomy of the veins and cannot achieve the desired result: the disappearance of all the visible veins and the functional recovery of the venous circulation.


04. Dalla scleroterapia e dalla chirurgia ablativa alla Fleboterapia (TRAP): concetti chiave

Le vene varicose visibili ad occhio nudo, con la transilluminazione, con le tecniche di riflessione e assorbimento vicine agli infrarossi, rappresentano solo l’effetto della malattia varicosa. Per curare la malattia varicosa è necessario curare la causa, questo si può ottenere solo rigenerando la parete venosa. Rigenerazione significa ripristino della struttura vascolare alterata e della funzione.
Gli attuali trattamenti flebologici, scleroterapia, flebectomie e legature funzionali sono irrazionali perché sono bidimensionali e intervengono sull’effetto e non sulla causa della. patologia Questi trattamenti, non privi di effetti collaterali, distruggono la normale anatomia delle vene e non consentono di ottenere il risultato desiderato dai pazienti, ovvero la scomparsa di tutti le vene visibili e il ripristino funzionale del circolo venoso.